Designed for Activity Centers

Our Booking System is designed in the principle of "Activity Based", which is very suitable for community centers, institutions, or various activity centers; and the system does not have to be installed, just operate by web browser.

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The use of our Booking System can effectively arrange the activity rooms, improve the reservation efficiency and reduce recording errors.

Activity Statistics

In the Dashboard page, there is a monthly activity statistics. Staff can check the current year's or past statistics for further reporting purpose.

Day and Month View Mode

In the Bookings page, staff can check the status of bookings by day or by month.

Support Mobile Devices

The system does not have to be installed, just operate by web browser; and supports computers, tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Support Multi Languages

The system has multi-language function, and now temporarily provides Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.

Unlimited Users and Branches

Staff can add users and branches without limitation, and can set individual user or group permissions. In addition, a user can belong to different branches at the same time.

Request Demo

For enquiry or request demo, please email to